Welcome to C.F.M. Solutions
The experts in Air Balancing, Indoor Air Quality, and Overall System Efficiency.

CFM Solutions is a residential and commercial air diagnostics and indoor air quality contractor based in Oklahoma City, Okla. We hold a current certification from the National Balancing Institute (NBI). We are able to accurately test, adjust, and balance residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems up to 25 tons. We pride ourselves on helping people get the highest possible efficiency out of their systems. With our extensive testing we are able to prepare reports of deficiencies and problems with air flow and quality that are all to common in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning(HVAC) industry. We will propose a plan of action to solve these problems in the most cost effective manner possible, getting our clients on the fast tract to enjoying the benefits of a properly balanced HVAC system.

Review the following list of common problems in Residential and Commerical HVAC Systems:

-High utility bills
(even after you recently spent thousands of dollars on a new “high efficiency” unit)
-Stagnant air
-Poor air flow
-Mold or Mildew
-Allergy or respiratory problems
-Excessive on/off cycling of equipment
-Noisy air ducts or equipment
-Abnormal smells from ductwork
-Humid, sticky air
-Extreme temperature changes from room to room

These are just some of the issues we regularly solve. The solutions maybe as simple as a minor duct renovation, saving you thousands of dollars on unnecessary equipment replacement costs. We would be honored to help you in your specific situation and want to be your advocate in the efficiency of your home or business. If you are expirencing any of these issues, visit the Contact Us section. We can Help!

C.F.M. Solutions guarantees all of our customers:
-On schedule completion
-Cost-effective process from beginning to end
-Final product exceeds expectations
-Honesty, integrity, and great value